Faith Studio: a mobile community offering gatherings to practice faith.  

Jennifer Hornbeck incorporated Faith Studio in August 2012.  Your faith is your own.  Your practice of faith is your own practice and Faith Studio offers a variety of gatherings to practice your personal faith in a communal context.  We are in the process of beta-testing workshops and classes that offer the opportunity to bring depth, refinement, and expansion of your experience of the divine in the world.  Our current theme is "permission to learn".  We define "faith" to mean your direct experience of the divine in the world, we do not use this word in relation to "belief."  Your thoughts about your faith experience are what we call "belief."

We are acquiring a mobile "faith truck" which allows us to come to your neighborhood, to engage in a conversation about faith with the world, and offer a variety of meeting points for practice.  You can donate to help us purchase the truck!  Faith Studio, P.O. Box 22040, San Francisco, CA 94122

Faith Studio is a center for practicing and growing your faith in a community tailored for you. It seeks to provide context and community that will let you strengthen and grow your faith in community.  Faith Studio encourages each participant to own his or her own personal spiritual practice, and to practice it regularly. It is a participation-oriented, inclusive approach to practicing  faith that includes social and environmental justice as core values.

Faith Studio is joining in a growing movement of a true conversation change.  We are about practice first, not belief.  No matter your background, your understanding of faith, or your beliefs, we invite you to check it out, join in the conversation.    If we experience the Divine, how is our experience of the world enlivened and deepened?  When we practice faith in the Sacred our lives are fuller, our perspectives are broader, our abilities to endure stress and challenge are stronger.