Press Release

Shahrukh Ikhtear

Sub Editor
SHOUT Magazine at The Daily Star, BD

The premise of Catch the Kitty is simple enough. An elderly woman reminisces the time of her adventures when she was young and tells the stories to her granddaughter. It starts off with an extra-terrestrial cat asking her for help in finding his friends. It makes sense if you don’t think about it too hard.

The game is divided into four stages that are unique in terms of gameplay and design. In one stage, you’re traversing through a dangerous rainforest infested with bats and in another stage, you’re collecting coins and destroying monsters in a rocket ship. The difference in the levels keeps the game from feeling stale. You will also be switched from portrait to landscape mode in two of the four levels and depending on your preference it might just prove to be a minor inconvenience.

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It was the night of Christmas, Bella had come to visit her grandmother’s house during the Christmas vacation with her parents. On the night they arrived, Bella couldn’t go to sleep. Bella’s grandmother came into check whether she had gone to sleep or not, and then …

  • Grandma: Sweetie, why didn’t you go to sleep?
  • Bella: Granny, I don’t know why I couldn’t go to sleep. Can you please tell me a bed time story?
  • Grandma: Sure, I will tell you an Adventure of mine that I haven’t told to anyone.


Game Description

“Catch The Kitty – Story of Bella” is about choosing the right jump by swiping to the right direction of your next platform & taping on your screen to eliminate the monsters and booby traps on your way. Sounds easy? I guess not, when the speed increases on time to time.

So catch “Bella” on her journey to save the kitty cat from the alien monster on her beautiful journey around the world.


  • 4 Uniquely Designer level.
  • Unique combination of Story & Infinite runner.
  • Arcade Music.
  • Optimized for both iPhone & iPad
  • Optimized for Android Devices


Chapter -1
The Meeting

Chapter - 2
The Green Forest

Chapter - 3
The North Pole

Chapter - 4
Into The Space